Pharmacy school can be very demanding at times. Especially at the end of the blocks, it seems like there are never ending assignments. I personally believe I have been able to handle my stress pretty well throughout pharmacy school. Here is what I do to cope with the stress. Take these de-stressing tips PRN đŸ™‚

INVEST TIME IN YOURSELF! I believe this is the MOST important. Take time to step back and BREATHE. Your mental health is far more important than grades! Do things that you enjoy like cooking, playing sports, painting, or just anything you find relaxing and enjoyable. I personally enjoy baking and jogging around our beautiful campus. Before exams, I ALWAYS take study breaks to do something for myself. 

TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF! SLEEP, EAT, & EXERCISE! It is not worth it to pull those overnighters. Your body needs sleep to focus. You know your body and you know how much you can handle. I personally need 8 hours to focus and I will make myself get those 8 hours.  In addition, I personally enjoy taking 20-minute naps after classes to rest my mind! I also believe eating healthy is so important! Your body needs nutrients to keep a healthy mind and body. If you eat terribly, you will feel terrible. Next, take a few days out of the week to exercise. I try exercising 5 days a week. I find it helpful to just release all of that tension by exercising about an hour each time. I try to alternate between cardio and weight lifting. 

PLAN AND PRIORITIZE.  All of the professors have everything for the entire block in the syllabus. Get a planner and write down every assignment, quiz, exam, etc. This will allow you to see what is due and set goals to get those things done. I know we all love to procrastinate but you will feel so much better if you get it done ahead of time. 

GET A ROUTINE. Having a routine is essential to keeping you motivated and feel like you have more control over everything. This can aid in our mental health to form healthy habits and decrease stress. Our crazy schedules can be hectic at times but having a set routine will help you get your priorities done! This is what my routine looks like currently:


Wake up at 7:45 am, eat breakfast, attend morning classes, eat lunch, attend afternoon classes, take a 20-minute nap after class, study ~3 hours every day (I always study the lectures from that day), eat dinner,  go to the gym (most days), shower, and get about 8 hours of sleep. 


Wake up at 9 am, go to the gym ~1 hour, eat breakfast, study ~5 hours, eat lunch, enjoy the rest of the day doing things I love like going shopping, hanging out with friends/family, and trying out new restaurants in downtown Raleigh. 

I hope you will find my tips helpful! GOOD LUCK!

Hannah Bunn

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