Interview Day Advice

So, you are Interviewing for Pharmacy School

Don’t sweat it! Well, sweat it but not as much as you think you should. I know that is so much easier said than done but I am serious it is much more of a breeze than you think. Before we get to the thick of it, here are some things I would suggest in preparation of your interview day. If you are traveling a decent distance to your school, I suggest getting a hotel room near the school. You can never determine the kind of traffic you might hit on the day of your interview or what minor things may make you late, so it is best to minimize those factors by giving yourself a minimum of a 30 minute drive. When I had my interview day at Campbell, I got a hotel room about 10 minutes from campus and still left almost an hour in advance. I spent a lot of that time in my car shaking off the nerves before walking in, but I had complete control over the time I arrived. When I interviewed, I also brought multiple outfit options with me. We all know how it is when you bring one outfit choice and you are just not feeling it the day of, but you have no other choice than to wear this or the sweatpants you know you’ll change back into as soon as possible. To minimize that uncomfortable feeling for me, outfit options were a staple. As minimal as it sounds, I am a full believer in performing your best when you feel your best. You want to be comfortable, since you are spending majority of your day with your soon to be professors, and professional for this interview. While it is not your selling point, I think it is a nice confidence boost for yourself and knowing that you can rock this moment.  Pharmacy school interviews are about impressing your soon to be professors, but it is also about showing these professors who you are. The interviewers prepare about two to three specific questions to ask but you get around 5-7 minutes with each interviewer so there is a lot of downtime pending on the questions asked. My best advice is to be honest, do not tell them what you think they want to here. Most importantly it is to be yourself. They are looking for you, for your personality, and that will likely be what stands out to your interviewer. Often during the interview portion, you will have normal conversations with your professors since there is still time left over, this is the time to make that conversation! It can be small talk or asking about their role at school, anything that flows! This is the time to let you show off your personality and what makes you a good candidate for Campbell. My final advice to you is to engage with your fellow interviewees. This will help with many tasks during your interview day if you set up a relationship or at least communication with them as soon as you arrive. I can assure you they are all feeling the same bundle of nerves that you are, and it is a great opportunity to bond over that. You never know, who you interview with that day could end up being your new classmate. I remember really hitting it off with one interviewee during my Campbell interview day and we are still close in the class now. My final words of encouragement for you is to keep your head up and breathe.

You. Have. Got. This.

Can’t wait to CU soon,

Emily Joyce

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