Why I Chose a Dual Degree

As a Campbell undergraduate student, I sat through many lectures about the different opportunities that Campbell’s College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences offered to prospective pharmacy students. My goal was just to make it to pharmacy school. Even though I had been told about the dual degree opportunities that were available to me, I never considered applying to one. That was until my interview day for pharmacy school. I was extremely nervous as I went into my first interview of the day with Dr. Taylor. We talked through the standard interview questions and then he asked if I had ever thought about applying to a dual degree program. He introduced me to the Public Health dual degree that Campbell offered and said that I would be a great candidate if I were interested.

After my interview day, I decided to find out what public health was all about and what it could mean for me. I attended the MSPH open house and the Rural Health Summit that is hosted by the Campbell Public Health department every year. These events opened my eyes to the health disparities experienced by communities all around the country, especially those who live in rural areas. I decided that an education in public health would be a great addition to my future in pharmacy. As someone who is very patient oriented and always focused on the individual, public health allowed me to have a broader perspective. Focusing on the needs of the community is an integral part of the health of our society.

Looking back now, I am thankful that I chose a dual degree. Public health taught me so much about what it means to be a healthcare professional as part of a community. The courses challenged me with the complex health problems that our society faces, but they also pushed me to think beyond the boundaries that I had built for myself. I had the chance to take part in some amazing events and opportunities that I would have never known existed without public health. My favorite part of being a public health student was participating in our practicum experiences. Practicums allow you to reach outside of the classroom and see what public health is all about. Everyone’s practicum experience looks different throughout the program and that’s what is amazing about it. The possibilities are endless, but the journey is so rewarding!

As I move forward, I hope to apply my public health knowledge and skills throughout my journey to become a pharmacist and beyond. Don’t be afraid to look at every opportunity available to you. Feel free to reach out to me with any questions about the PharmD/MSPH dual degree or CPHS Office of Admissions to see what opportunities are available to you!

Tayler Clark, P1

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