Elective Spotlight: Spanish for Pharmacists

I had the opportunity to take the Spanish for Pharmacists elective, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was a fun class, and Dr. Jim Morgan made it interesting. As future pharmacists, we are bound to provide care to patients who may not speak English very well, or who may not speak English at all. This elective is designed to provide you with basic skills that are necessary to be able to communicate with Spanish-speaking patients in an effective manner. We learned some common Spanish pharmacy jargon, and we had the opportunity to practice saying the words and phrases while in class. The inability to communicate due to language barriers is very common in our health care system, and it is the source of many health disparities among certain patient populations. A lot of patients in the United States speak Spanish, and I think it is important to at least be aware of some basic Spanish as a health professional. We also learned about some of the unique cultural aspects of the Spanish-speaking population. This class placed an emphasis on cultural competence, which is very important in health care. Culture plays a huge role in patients’ lives! It can greatly impact how a patient approaches their health, as well as treatment options. It is necessary for health professionals to be aware of these cultural differences. Overall, I would highly recommend this elective to anyone. I believe that this elective is advantageous, and you will enjoy it!

Amber Hill, P2

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