A Day In the life of a Quarantined Pharmacy Student

Never in a million years did I think I would live to witness a pandemic. As I sit here in my living room heading into my 5th week of quarantine all I want to do is go to Target without feeling afraid. COVID-19 has changed the way we live our lives and it does not care if you are a first, second, third, or fourth year pharmacy student trying to remain healthy and maintain a solid GPA. The day classes got moved into the online platform I panicked. I need the structure of classroom to hold me liable or else I get behind but the crisis at hand was much larger than me not wanting to fall behind and I needed to find a way to make things work.

The first week of online classes was horrible and I was scattered while trying to find my routine. By the second week, I had finally found regimen that worked for me. I wake up as if I am going to go to school, but instead I log onto Blackboard Collaborate Live for my scheduled classes, the nice thing is that I can stay in my pajamas and sip on my cup of coffee while sitting on my couch. If the class is pre-recorded, I get on my stationary bike at home and watch the lecture while I exercise. After all my classes are done, I have lunch and watch some Netflix and let my mind relax for a bit. After I am done with lunch, I take an Allegra, some Flonase, and Zaditor eye drops and go sit on my patio to work on my school notes and other assignments. You may be wondering why I do all three anti-allergy regimens and that is because spring in NC is brutal. The green pollen is my kryptonite and I usually stay inside when the green monster makes its appearance, but this year is different. My patio time is my favorite part about my routine, I enjoy the few hours I get to be “outside “and I marvel at how beautiful the world is regardless of the chaos. I refuse to stay indoors during my quarantine time, if the patio is my only connection to the outside world, I am going to arm myself for battle and sit out there for as long as I can tolerate it. Once I am done with my patio time I hop in the shower and wash away whatever pollen got on my hair and skin. I make dinner and if I am really bored, I get on my stationary bike and do a second round with some weight intervals. As I get ready to go to bed, I ask Alexa to set an alarm and play sleep guided meditations. I repeat the entire regimen the next day.

Whatever it is that you are doing to stay sane and keep things going if you are reading this it must be because you are healthy. We should never take our health for granted because we never know when it can be taken away. When I am not doing my routine, I am working as an intern in the emergency department and have witnessed firsthand the devastating effects this virus has done to our country and how we function as a health care system. But I will save that for another time. I simply want to end by thanking the truck drivers, grocery staff, janitorial services, and health care workers for all that you do!!

Adriana Muradyan, P2

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