How to Focus on Fitness & Nutrition During Pharmacy School

Pharmacy school is a unique experience for everyone, but one thing we share is the rigor and subsequent stress of pharmacy school. I personally deal with anxiety and this exacerbates stress and its side effects for me. Before pharmacy school and as a result of this rigor, I am keen on maintaining my well-being through my fitness and nutrition. I implement a workout routine that helps channel my anxiety and I like to cook meals that make me feel clean, healthy and energized for my daily routine. In my routine, I include a 30 minute to an hour workout in the afternoon after returning home from class. Waiting until after I am finished with class is beneficial for me because it allows me to unwind and decompress from the day. It is critical for me to prioritize my fitness to ensure that I have a balanced life. At the beginning of every week I like to prepare meals that are cost-efficient, but also that are healthy for my body. I’ve learned that your nutrition greatly impacts my ability to operate throughout life, especially concentrating on my studies. I highly suggest finding the time for yourself and prioritize your health. You will only see positive results in your daily endeavors.

Briana Williams, P1

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