Campbell University Community Care Clinic

Campbell University Community Care Clinic, or as some call “The Free Clinic”, is a great place to gain experience working hands on with patients, providers, and other students in different healthcare fields. I have been given the opportunity to currently work as a Pharmacy Floor Director at the free clinic and I see the impact we make in the community by volunteering every week. The clinic welcomes uninsured patients who still need medical attention and accessible healthcare. Students at Campbell who are in various medical programs come together to learn and give the best care possible to the patients with the guidance of a physician. It is always humbling to work with other health care professionals and personally, it helps me grow by being able to learn and respect the different roles of the other various professionals. Working together and communicating allows us to come together with all our various knowledge and be able to come up with the optimal approach for our patients care. I would highly recommend any student to volunteer at the community care clinic if given the opportunity.

“Campbell’s free clinic is an amazing opportunity for pharmacy students. Although lectures and classroom discussions are essential to the learning process, hands-on experience is what truly solidifies treatment algorithms of various disease states, and important clinical pearls. Volunteering at the free clinic allows students to practice patient care as well as enhance their soft skills by working on a student-led inter-professional team, consult with physicians on the best patient-centered treatment plan, and practice their patient counseling skills. The free clinic at Campbell not only aids in the professional development of students as future healthcare providers, but also is a unique avenue in which students can give back to the community by providing their best patient-centered care.” Sarah McGrath – PharmD Candidate 2022

“What I love about working the clinic is getting to know the patients on a deeper level and being able to personalize their care further because of that. It’s so touching to know that some patients, all they have is us and the care we provide. They are grateful for us even when we can’t do every single thing for them.” Gabriella Salerno – PharmD Candidate 2022

“At the end of my P1 school year, I had the opportunity to campaign a new position within the Campbell University Community Care Clinic. I was offered the position of pharmacy floor director, and with the help of a P2 student, we had the opportunity to develop the position into what it is today. Currently, it’s a biweekly volunteer position where I have the chance to build professional relationships with not only my own colleagues in pharmacy school, but those across other programs at the university as well. I have gotten the opportunity to discuss therapies with medical students, physician assistant students, pharmacy students, and attendings which allows me to put into practice this whole idea of Interprofessionalism within the healthcare community. I have enjoyed sharing my knowledge as well as being taught in this role. I know I have also gained valuable contacts that I know I can call on in practice one day.” Emily Woodfield – PharmD Candidate 2021

Amanda Smith, P2

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