Organization Spotlight: SNPhA

There are several organizations here at Campbell University that you can become involved in as a pharmacy student. Each organization is unique, and they all offer great experiences and opportunities. One of the organizations I am involved in is the Student Amber HillNational Pharmaceutical Association, also known as SNPhA. This organization is dedicated to serving the underserved and spreading awareness throughout the community about different health-related issues. There are several initiatives that are established within the organization, and they all shed light on different topics and diseases. I serve on the Operation Immunization initiative, which is geared toward increasing knowledge about immunizations among the community. The goal of this initiative is to increase the amount of people who are being immunized, which will have a huge impact on the overall health and well-being of our society. We attend health fairs, hold events at high schools, and we assist in flu shot clinics that are held on campus. When we go out into the community, we make sure to inform people about the importance of getting their immunizations because they help to prevent unnecessary illnesses. There is an informational poster that we usually display, and we also have informative handouts to distribute. Aside from the initiatives, there are also opportunities for SNPhA members to attend conferences, apply for scholarships, and even become involved in different professional development programs. Overall, my experience in SNPhA has been very rewarding, and I highly recommend that all students try it out!

Amber Hill, P2

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