Why I Chose a Dual Degree

My decisions to pursue a dual-degree program was made very early in my college career. I always knew growing up that I had two passions: healthcare and business. These two areas of studies combined my passion for service, science, and economics together and all I needed to do was figure out a way to melt all of my interest together. CPHS gave me the perfect opportunity to do so with their dual-degree PharmD/MBA program

Here is a little insight into my journey through the dual-degree program. I started my MBA classes my P1 year. Don’t worry, you can start these classes anytime during your education at CPHS! The classes for the MBA program run parallel to the classes for your pharmacy education meaning that they are set up in 8 week blocks just like your PharmD classes. You receive breaks during the same time periods as well. The classes can be taken live in class (usually at 6pm after you get out of you PharmD classes or online. I love the flexibility of the MBA schedule as well as you do not have to take a class every block if you feel that you need a break.

The MBA classes are challenging, but I really enjoy the difference in content between my PharmD classes and the MBA content. Whereas my PharmD classes involve memorization and medications, my MBA classes focus on teamwork, problem solving, and abstract concepts. The classes in the MBA program give me the opportunity to work in groups on large projects, explore business topics through articles, and learn from real-world industry workers.

My experience in both the pharmacy world as well as the world of business administration will give me an upper hand when I am applying for both jobs and fellowships. It shows commitment as well as diversity. I hope that it will help me work in the world of pharmaceutical economics and be a voice for patients in a revenue driven world. I hope you will consider this dual-degree program, and if you have any questions please feel free to reach out to the CPHS Office of Admission!

Austin Price
CPHS PharmD/MBA Candidate 2021

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