A day in the life of a 2nd year pharmacy student

If you read this blog weekly, you know that the last post was also, “a day in the life….” I am going to write my blog a little differently. Here is a typical Tuesday for this second year pharmacy student, written as a schedule of events.

5:30AM—I wake up, shower, get dressed (professionally, of course), and feed my two precious puppies before heading out the door about 6:30.

6:50-7:00AM—Arrive at school, walk to my classroom and get my computer set up for my Pharmacology exam. I like to give myself at least thirty minutes so that I am not rushing to get into the classroom right at the time the test is supposed to start. Not only would I not be focused if that was to happen to me, but I find that it distracts my peers when someone walks in late.

7:30-9:00AM—Exam begins with our class Chaplain saying a short prayer, and papers being passed out with the “password” to start the exam on my laptop.

9:00-9:50AM—Pharmaceutics. This class is basically about compounding, and there is a lot of math involved.

10:00-11:50—Pharmacology. We have two 50 minute sessions with a 10 minute break in the middle. This class is about how drugs work in the body, along with the medicinal chemistry (chemical structures) of the drugs.

12:00-12:50—Finance. This class is about how to use finance as a pharmacist. To me, this is “real world” knowledge of the behind the scenes aspects of pharmacy. At some point in most of our professional careers, we will be tasked with handling money in some form or another, so it is good to know the basics of budgeting in a pharmacy. This is probably my favorite class!

1:00PM—Whew, I am glad I brought some snacks. I have a meeting for one of the on campus organizations I am actively involved in today. Most organizations meet right after class so that students don’t have to go home and come back, and so that it doesn’t interfere with electives or labs. They usually last about an hour, or less.

2:00PM—Pharmaceutics Lab. We actually get to make things!! In this lab, we normally make about four compounds per week, and we only meet once a week. It is scheduled to last until 5:00PM, but I usually get out about 4:00PM.

4:30—Arrive home, feed my puppies, feed myself, and get set up to start any studying or homework that needs to be done. Trust me, there is always something that needs to be done. I may squeeze in a little primetime television.

10:00PM—It has been a long day to say the least. I’m going to bed, because I have to do it all over again tomorrow!

As you can see, a typical day in the life of a P2 student is not necessarily an easy one. Tuesdays are by far my longest day, and that is why I chose to share this one with you. On a day I don’t have a test or lab, I just go to class 9:00AM to 1:00PM, have my afternoon meeting, and am home by 2:30PM. Every day presents a new challenge, and it is important to just take each day as it comes. Try not to get behind in class, and you will be fine. If I can do it, then you can do it! Just remind yourself that it is definitely all going to be worth it when you actually get to get out in the “real world!”

-Karri Dixon (P2)


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  1. I never thought I would miss days like this, but I do. Embrace these days. Before long, you’ll realize that you’ve been a pharmacist for 10 years and wonder where time went.

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