A day in the life of a first year pharmacy student

A typical day in the life of a pharmacy student is anything but typical. Every day brings new challenges, responsibilities, and of course schedule changes. A normal day of classes starts at 9am and lectures continue until 1pm. There are four 50 minute blocks with 10 minute breaks between classes. All classes take place in the same lecture hall and the professors rotate in at their given lecture time. For example, all P1 classes take place in Hartness lecture hall and the professors come in to lecture at their given time. However, flexibility is the key because schedules are ever changing and at times conflicts arise in which schedules must be adjusted to work around or accommodate the change. Just this past week we experienced a massive change in schedule when Buies Creek received 5 inches of snow, a very rare occasion here. Classes were canceled for one day and the next day we experienced a two hour delay. Because of the snow, the normal schedule was adjusted to fit the weather. Some of our classes were recorded and put online, a test was moved, and some lecture periods were lost altogether forcing us all to be flexible not only for that day but for the rest of the semester as we attempt to make up for those lost lecture times. Once classes end, the hour afterwards is used as a meeting time for the various student organizations on campus. The afternoon is usually free for studying, napping, sports, band, review sessions, group projects, or individual meeting times with professors. However, there are some afternoon labs or classes depending on the year in the curriculum and the degree tract that you are on.

Another atypical situation occurs on test days. Most of the tests given at CPHS are administered at 7:30am before normal classes begin. I know that this is early, and trust me it is much earlier when you are actually doing it, but it is a small price to pay to be a part of this incredible community here at CPHS. My advice for navigating the atypical day of a pharmacy student is to find a routine that works for you however be flexible and ready to change it up when necessary. Even though the day in the life of a pharmacy student can be monotonous or unexpected, the most amazing part of everyday is having the opportunity to learn from some of the most wonderful professors in the pharmacy world and building relationships with awesome classmates who will one day become awesome colleagues.

 -Ashlee Baucom

P1 Student 



One comment

  1. It was great reading something to which I can totally relate. I am a P4 student and the things are exactly the same as you have stated. Best of luck for your studies and future.
    Cheers, 🙂

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