What to do in “The Creek”

With Buies Creek being such a small town, many think that there aren’t that many things to do. However, if you give it a chance, you’ll see that there are all kinds of great activities. For example, on many Saturday afternoons in the fall, you can always find your Fighting Camels in action at Barker-Lane stadium. Campbell football, so far, is 4-0 in conference play for the 2014 season! Also, the other teams that comprise our athletic program are fun to watch whether it be soccer, basketball, softball, baseball, wrestling, etc… Our Campus Activities Board also puts on many events for students such as movie nights in Turner Auditorium, campus-wide scavenger hunts, homecoming dances, and block parties in Academic Circle. I know what you’re thinking—all of these things require you to stay on campus. But you’re wrong! There are many things to do surrounding Campbell. Within a 15 mile radius, you can find a Pelican’s snow cones, a bowling alley (with midnight bowling!), and the best ice cream around at Sunni Skies. So whether you want to stay on campus or get out in the hustle and bustle of Harnett County, Campbell University is a great place to be!

-Curt Koone (P1)

Interview Tips 101: Be Yourself

Here are some tips you should think about when going into your interview:
1. Smile and be happy to greet them with a firm handshake, try not to show them you are nervous. (Remember, you should be happy and excited because not many students made it as far as you already have!) Confidence will take you a long way when it comes to a first impression.
2. Be sure to answer the questions without reciting your resume. They have all of your information that goes on paper written in front of them. What they really want to know is the type of person you are. This will give them a hint of how you will work with others in a professional setting and with patients. Show your personality!
3. When you are telling them about yourself, make sure to relate it to how you will succeed as a pharmacist, not as a pharmacy student. Becoming a pharmacist is the ultimate goal.
Hope these tips help!
-Katie Andrews (P1)

Tips to Make Your Application Stellar

Filling out the application for pharmacy school through PharmCAS can be overwhelming at times. However, the process can be so much easier if you stay organized, use all of your available resources, and do not procrastinate! The PharmCAS application wants you to fill out all of your coursework, all of your work experience, and all of your extracurricular activities and volunteer work, among other things. When I first opened the application, I started to feel a sense of panic because I was not sure I could remember all of that information! Luckily, I had kept a log on my computer of all of the events I had volunteered for and my hours of pharmacy work experience. I found this made the application process much simpler than I had anticipated. Instead of wasting time trying to remember everything I had done to put on my application, I had it all in one place. My recommendation is to start keeping a record of everything you do. It can be as easy as saving a document to your computer, and it makes applying to pharmacy school that much easier! Additionally, one of the most daunting tasks of the PharmCAS application can be the personal statement. The key to having a great personal statement is having numerous people read it for you. There are a whole host of resources available for you to have a great personal statement. Once I had my personal statement written, I took it to my advisor, the writing center in the library, and I had a few friends look over the paper. If you utilize all of these resources, you can have a great personal statement! All of that being said, the most crucial factor in having a great application is not procrastinating. The application is long, and it is easy to put off filling in all of the information. However, I promise you that is not a good idea!! Waiting until the last second can make a person forget to put something on their application that will make them stand out or accidentally put the wrong information in. You do not want to leave any room for error on your application, so get started as soon as possible!! You are capable of having a stand-out application!

-Angela Hazelwood (P1)

NCAP Student Leadership Conference

On September 20th, 2014, I had the opportunity to attend the NCAP Student Leadership Conference in Pinehurst, NC.  This was a wonderful networking event held for all three (and soon to be four) pharmacy schools in the state.  At the conference, I had the opportunity to listen to several lectures on leadership.  Although Campbell hosts many leadership speakers, this opportunity was unlike any other that I have experienced.  We always hear about the importance of networking, and that it is not always what you know, but who you know.  This student leadership conference offered the perfect balance between experiential lectures and networking opportunities.

After the lectures, students from each school discussed the various organizations on their campuses and how they function.  This presented an excellent opportunity to share ideas and gain a better understanding of our state’s pharmacy schools.  A town-hall style meeting was held, giving students the opportunity to discuss ideas and clear up any confusion about the talks we had heard.

The NCAP Student Leadership Conference provided an excellent means of networking with pharmacy students in North Carolina.  It was so much fun to hear about what was done at Wingate and UNC with the hopes of bettering Campbell.  I cannot wait to collaborate with the students I met in September and plan a joint event with the three schools.  I am already looking forward to attending the conference again next year, and hope that you are too!


white coat 1

White Coat Ceremony

On August 22nd, the families and friends of the PharmD Class of 2018 watched the Class receive the honor of obtaining their white coats. This was a very special day for CPHS for many reasons. Dr. Maddox, dean of CPHS, delivered his last White Coat Ceremony. This was also the largest class to date to receive their white coats. To each of the 118 of us, the white coat has a special significance. The White Coat Ceremony highlighted that the white coat symbolizes professionalism and the ability and need to receive the respect of the community. In addition to these, I feel that the white coat also symbolizes hard work in the past and in the future. We have had to work hard to get to this point in our lives and schooling, but more hard work lies ahead. Without hard work, anyone could do it! As tough as it is, always remember to embrace it and be thankful for it.

white coat 2white coat 1

Interview Tips 101: Preparedness

Being prepared is vital for having a successful interview for pharmacy school. Aspects of preparedness include being mentally, physically, and socially ready to take on interview day.  It is essential to practice common interview questions, especially ones that pertain to the field of pharmacy. Knowing how to respond to these questions from your perspective will show your interviewer that you are serious about pharmacy school and becoming a pharmacist. In my preparation, I FaceTimed with my parents back home several times before my interview to practice, as well as simulating interviews with my colleagues. Socially, I was able to get to know many faculty members through my undergraduate studies at Campbell. Being familiar with these individuals allows them to truly know you as both a student and person. Pick out your professional dress the night before your interview so you will be ready and not stressing to look your best that morning. Be sure to dress for success, but incorporate comfort into your outfit. Mentally, it is also extremely important to have a good night’s rest prior to your interview. The morning of your interview, you will be refreshed, rejuvenated, and ready to excel. Eat a nutritious and filling breakfast to give you the energy to excel and be sure to arrive approximately 15 minutes before your interview day starts. Although the thought of your pharmacy school interview may be nerve-wracking, take delight in the privilege and express to the interviewers exactly how and why you will make a great pharmacist. Good luck, be yourself, and do your best!


Courtney Huffman (P1)

Come Check Out a PharmDay

Have you ever wondered what the average day of a Campbell Pharmacy Student is like? Well, now you can experience it for yourself by attending a PharmDay! During your PharmDay you get the opportunity to sit in on classes with Student Ambassadors, meet professors, and have lunch with the Ambassadors and an Admissions Counselor. Feel free to bring any questions you may have about the application process, life of a pharmacy student, Buies Creek, etc.

PharmDay Schedule Fall 2014:

September 23

September 26

September 30

October 6

October 10

October 15

October 16

October 20

October 28

November 3

November 5

November 11

November 18

November 19

Sign up for a PharmDay today: https://cuweb.wufoo.com/forms/wdl9wq20n76m1l/

Email Mary Hannah Ross at mhross0516@email.campbell.edu if you have any questions regarding PharmDays.